Transformational Conversation with Grief – A Retreat for Healing and Wholeness 

With Kim Adams, Carrie Doubts, Karen Montealegre & Gabriella van Rooij  

A five-day highly experiential, transformational retreat for people going through the heartbreak and grief of losing a loved one.

Sunday, June 3 – Thursday, June 7, 2018 


Sunday 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm 

Monday-Wednesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 

Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Location: Kantara Retreat Center near San Jose, Costa Rica

“You may not be able to see it now, however, after a loss, you will rebuild yourself. You have been given the opportunity to create yourself anew. Who will you be now?” ~David Kessler 

  • Are you feeling an emptiness in your heart after your great loss?
  • Do you reach outside yourself for ways to cope with your grief and loss?
  • Have you felt stuck in moving forward in your life because you have forgotten who you are and what you want in life? 
  • Do you want to move forward back into the world with purpose?
  • Are you ready to really live again, but don’t know how? 

This is a retreat from your ordinary world and coping with your grief into a healing space where it’s safe to meet, process, and heal your pain. 

You will be introduced to the principles and practices of Transformational Presence – an approach that assists you to drop below the surface of your thoughts and the disturbance in your emotions and get to the core of who you truly are – your essential beingness. We will explore ways of letting go of the pain of the past, healing your hurting heart, and stepping forward into your new life – one of purpose, passion, and power. 

Slow down and have a conversation with your grief – in a safe space 

Here’s what’s available to you in this transformational five-day retreat: 

  • Being guided through transformational exercises 
  • Experiential work with horses
  • Walking the Labyrinth
  • Creative Expression - Art
  • Receiving healing body work
  • Walking and playing in nature
  • Being in an exquisite natural setting
  • Bathing yourself in silence
  • Being embraced by a loving community

Open your heart to yourself 

Themes for Each Day: 

Day 1 – Meeting Your Grief 

Day 2 – The Journey  

Day 3 – Conversations Part 1 – Who am I? 

Day 4 – Conversations Part 2 – Who am I really? 

Day 5 – Possibilities  

Create your new life as you step back into the world. 

You will leave the retreat with:

  • Healing for your heart and connection to your soul 
  • Self-awareness and self-confidence to move forward in life 
  • Tools for connecting with your inner strength and wholeness 
  • Knowing who you are, your purpose, and what you stand for 
  • A supportive network of new friends who shared this experience and can remind you when you forget 
  • The ability to experience the peace and unconditional loving of your heart 

Transformational Conversation with Grief – A Retreat for Healing and Wholeness 

Sunday, June 3 – Thursday, June 7, 2018 

Kantara Retreat Center Near San Jose, Costa Rica 

Cost: $1,295.00 USD Includes meals on retreat grounds (airfare and hotel costs not included) 

*Early Bird pricing of $1,095 USD ends on March 1, 2018

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The Facilitators 

Kim Adams

Certified End of Life and Grief Coach Powerful U End of Life Coaching

Kim is a certified, professional End of Life Coach, hospice volunteer, and massage therapist. She is also a trained Home Funeral Guide, Advisory Board Member of Threshold Support Circle in Baltimore, Maryland which provides end of life education and resources, and is on the Board of Directors for the National Home Funeral Alliance. 

Kim's business Powerful U: End of Life and Advance Care Planning/Coaching focuses on supporting people to create the roadmap NOW for the final chapter of their life regardless of age or health status. In addition to working with individuals, families, and community groups, Kim is a speaker and conference presenter on death and dying, grief, loss, and after-death care options.

Carrie Doubts, M.A., PCC 

Certified Transformational Coach Life’s Next Chapter Coaching 

Carrie is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in supporting people through life transitions. She holds certifications in Grief Counseling, Mentor Coaching, Relationship and Divorce Coaching, and is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.  

As the founder of Life's Next Chapter Coaching, Carrie works with men and women who have lost a spouse/partner to reconnect with their heart, reclaim their power, and re-align with their purpose to create their life's next chapter. She has created a nine-month program, Rebuilding Your Life After Loss. Carrie serves as a volunteer with Hospice of Cincinnati, providing bereavement outreach support to families experiencing the loss of their loved ones. 

Karen Montealegre

Certified Eponaquest Instructor Master in Communications 

Karen Montealegre is a certified EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) Practitioner with Eponaquest International. Since 2013, she owns and runs her own EFL Center, Alter Equus, in Costa Rica. Alter Equus offers EFL workshops and individual sessions for both corporate and private clients.  

Karen is a graduate of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching program. In her work she likes to include concepts, tools and exercises from both EFL and Transformational Presence approaches to yield a much more profound and integrative experience for her clients.  

In 2016 Karen integrated her home and Alter Equus to create Kantara, a retreat center where people can re connect with themselves, others, Nature and Life in a peaceful, healing and nurturing environment.  

Gabriella van Rooij 

Certified Transformational Coach  

Gabriella is a Certified Transformational Presence Coach and founder of the Seale Foundation, through which she supports the work of Dr. Alan Seale and The Center for Transformational Presence throughout Europe.  

Since 2007, Gabriella – a former co-owner of a renowned restaurant annex patisserie shop – created her business success through an inspired and unique leadership style. She has spent 10 years assisting and supervising workshops and leadership training seminars to help people learn and apply the skills of transformational presence leadership in their businesses.  

Gabriella supports individuals in their way of living and working by exploring who they are and how they can live a rewarding and fulfilling life.  


  • Attendance for the entire retreat – full participation during specified hours of the retreat 
  • Willingness to authentically share yourself in the sacred and safe space of the retreat 
  • Readiness to let go of the pain of the past, to step forward into this transformational opportunity, to stretch, and to grow 

“The healing of our present woundedness may lie in recognizing and reclaiming the capacity we all have to heal each other, the enormous power in the simplest of human relationships: the strength of touch, the blessing of forgiveness, the grace of someone else taking you as you are and finding in you an unexpected goodness.” ~Rachel Naomi Remen  

Come meet and make peace with your grief – and embrace the conversation as a transformational opportunity.  

Transformational Conversation with Grief – A Retreat for Healing and Wholeness  

Sunday, June 3 – Thursday, June 7, 2018  

Kantara Retreat Center Near San Jose, Costa Rica  

Cost: $1,295.00 USD Includes meals on retreat grounds (airfare and hotel costs not included)  

*Early Bird pricing of $1,095 USD ends on March 1, 2018

Questions? Email or call (513) 860-0448  

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